Music Production
(Group Lessons)

Class Size: 3-4 students
Teacher: Josh Cook

Whether you want to create customized sound design through synthesis, turn your compositions into digital productions, learn to mix music, or unveil the mysteries of mastering audio, Cook Music School is here to help set you up with the right teacher.

Our music production teachers have dove deep into various areas of music production and technology to gain an overarching understanding and teaching approach towards this vast field of study.

With our condensed group classes of 3-4 students, we’re able to give the direct attention needed to help each individual student, while also channeling the energy and unique expertise brought forth in each new class of students.

This group class is ideal for small groups of students looking to study music production together, or for individuals wanting to learn music production in a fun and interactive group setting.



  1. Introduction to Music Production/Recording
  2. Intro to Arrangement
  3. Intro to Mixing/Automation
  4. All About Compression
  5. All About Equalization
  6. Intro to Sampling
  7. Intro to Synthesis
  8. Session Organization
  9. Composition Project
  10. Intro to Mastering


  1. Track Referencing
  2. Intro to Orchestration
  3. MIDI Effects
  4. All About Drums (+Parallel Compression)
  5. All About Bass (Sub vs. Bass)
  6. All About Voice (Autotune and vocal layering)
  7. Advanced Synthesis Techniques
  8. Sampling your own sounds
  9. Composition Project
  10. Music Distribution


  1. Sidechain Compression/Mixing Hierarchy
  2. Rhythmic Gating and Sidechain Filtering
  3. Dynamic EQ and Multiband Compression
  4. All about Groove/Swing
  5. Advanced Mastering
  6. Refining your Brand
  7. Generating income as a music producer
  8. Multi-monitor referencing
  9. Composition Project
  10. Entrepreneurship