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Music Production

Take your instrumental skills to the next level by learning how to form your musical ideas into full music productions.
From sound design, to mixing and mastering, these classes cover a wide range of topics to help students specialize in the skills needed to thrive as a modern producer/composer.

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Next Recital
Date: Sat May 11th 2024, 2:30pm
Location: Christie Gardens Apartment and Care
Cost of admission: $5 per person
*no charge for performers, children under 18, or residents*

Featured Teachers

Dani R.

Dani R.

Music Production

Sarah G.

Sarah G.


My daughter and I have both been taking lessons from Josh. I really appreciate his unique and effective teaching method. Everything we learn has practical applications and produces great results. He is very good at managing and maximizing the lesson time, and gently keeping even small children focused and on task. A musician first, he knows what it takes to write, learn and perform a song and offers valuable techniques for practising, as well as increasing technical proficiency and the ability to improvise. Always encouraging and honouring our creative endeavours and achievements, while sharing and celebrating his own, his enthusiasm for all styles of music is contagious.

Rigo Avila

I've taken lessons from Mark for the past 4 years. His ability to explain complex synthesizer parameters in a way that's easily digestible is incredible. I've learned so much.

Rigo Avila / Student
Amelie U

I’ve been taking piano lessons with Josh since I was 4 years old and during the past 12 years I have never once doubted his passion for music and his ability to make piano interesting and fun.  I can say with full confidence that Josh truly enjoys doing what he does and genuinely cares about his students. I hope to continue learning piano from him for many more years to come.

Amelie U / Student
Jonah A.

Josh has helped me tremendously develop my musicianship on all fronts over the past few years.  I'll be taking his lessons and techniques with me as I study jazz piano at McGill University!

Jonah A. / Student

Josh has deep knowledge of music and is a very engaging teacher. He is able to teach people of different ages at various development levels. As a result, Josh comes to our house every week to teach the entire family. His lessons have become a weekly family tradition.


When I started producing music, I was fortunate enough to meet Mark! He is able to accomodate me and conduct the lessons at my pace, along with his confidence in bringing quality lessons. Ranging from complex music theory to advanced mixing and mastering techniques, I can guarantee that Mark has all bases covered!

Justin / Student
Karlis M

I have had the privilege of having Josh as my teacher for many years throughout many different areas of music. It is mind blowing how much knowledge and expertise Josh has ranging from classical and jazz piano, to vocals, to electronic music, and even cinematic scoring. His lessons in these areas have all been highly successful for me and I encourage all to have Josh as their teacher.

Karlis M / Student
Kate Munro

Ghislain has taught my son for years and the lessons are always engaging.

Kate Munro / Parent

Mark laid down the foundation for me which is very strong. I rely on it!

Chris / Student
V. Knox

It wasn't until I retired that I decided to take piano lessons.  Josh gave me the encouragement to learn & improve. Like learning a new language it can be a challenge, we don't all learn at the same level so the one-on-one lesson environment is where Josh has helped me thrive.  There's plenty of music tutorial videos on YouTube, but they won't help students correct errors that become habits. I encourage any senior like me to jump outside their comfort zone, and try out private music lessons, you'll be glad you did!!

V. Knox / Student

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