Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

All participants in lessons arranged through Cook Music School, including teachers, students, and guardians (if applicable) shall conduct themselves appropriately and with respect for others at all times, in accordance with this Code of Conduct.

1. Appropriate Behaviour

1.1. The teacher will communicate expectations and policies clearly, with high standards for every student.

1.2. Every lesson should begin and end at the agreed upon time. Both the student and teacher will arrive prepared to use this time responsibly and effectively. No personal calls or texts are allowed during lesson time. Devices should be silenced so that they do not interrupt the lesson, and may only be used at the direction of the teacher as a part of an exercise.

1.3. Use only polite, appropriate language that is sensitive to everyone’s dignity, and keep conversation on topic to piano lessons. This is a professional, not a personal, relationship. Teachers will not give advice that does not pertain to the student’s musical development.

1.4. Appropriate dress is required. Clothing should be neat, clean, and modest.

1.5. The teacher will be respectful and sensitive to each student’s ability level and background, affirming the personal dignity of each student by striving to be inclusive and not discriminate based on any student’s gender identity, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, age, cultural background, religion, or political beliefs.

1.6. The teacher will respect each student’s privacy, keeping all personal information confidential.

1.7. All communication is expected to be professional, and through professional channels. Neither teacher nor student shall engage in any communication related to sexual conduct, nudity, or which expresses profanity or hate speech.

1.8. There should be no physical contact between teacher and student other than when necessary for piano instruction. At times, physical contact may become necessary during lessons, for instance as part of instruction in technique when a teacher may move a student’s arm to correct form. In these specific cases, the intention and extent of physical touching should be explained by the teacher and consent should be given before any contact is made. The student always has the right to withdraw consent for physical contact.

1.9. The teacher shall terminate lessons in which student behaviour or attire is inappropriate: sexualized, abusive, or offensive.

2. Minor Students

2.1. The teacher will communicate primarily and directly with the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) of minor students. It is not appropriate for the teacher to rely on messages passed through the minor student, nor to communicate with the minor through social media platforms.

2.2. The teacher must be aware of any health concerns or allergies the student may have, and have emergency contact information for every student.

2.3. The teacher must know who is dropping the student off and picking the student up for every lesson. The teacher will not allow a student to leave unaccompanied without written permission from the legal guardian.

2.4. The teacher will make it easy for the lesson to be observed by a parent or guardian, and invite parents to remain in the room.

3. Lessons in the Teacher’s Home

3.1. The teacher will provide a dedicated space for lessons that is neat, clean, professional, and not a bedroom.

3.2. The teacher will have an appropriate waiting area for the next student, with enough room for parents or guardians if necessary.  This may include a driveway or parking area where students and parents can wait in their vehicle.

4. Lessons in the Student’s Home

4.1. The teacher will be prompt, but not early, for lessons in a student’s home.

4.2. The teacher will at all times be respectful of the home. Shoes will be removed and no food or drink will be brought in other than closed beverages with a lid.

4.3. The teacher will try to avoid the need to use the student’s restroom or kitchen.

5. Online Lessons

5.1. Both teacher and student will have a neat and tidy background, free of distractions.

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