Building Cook Music School

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The Vision

Cook Music School’s vision was formed by Toronto piano teacher Josh Cook. Upon building his private teaching business for over 12 years Josh grew passionate about providing quality music lessons for students of all ages. With his services in high demand Josh saw the perfect opportunity to expand his business into Cook Music School – a mobile/virtual music school that focuses on connecting quality teachers with well-suited students.

The Build

Building Cook Music School was a process of creating the website, integrating the site with a CRM and carefully selecting highly-qualified teachers to join the team.

 – The Website – 
Having previous WordPress experience after creating his own website, Josh decided WordPress would be the right platform for Cook Music School. While putting attention into having a user-friendly layout, his main concern was diving deep into securing the site.

 – The CRM – 
For those who don’t know, CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management.  When creating Cook Music School Josh looked into a few CRM’s and landed on one that was specific for teaching studios. Through this app the Cook Music School admin can safely register clients, set-up automatic payments, sync calendars, auto-invoice clients, and much more.

 – The Team – 
By eliminating the need for a ‘brick and mortar’ business, Cook Music School is able to keep their prices competitive, pay their teachers properly, and offer the convenience of at-home/virtual lessons to their clients. Our philosophy is that a properly paid teacher is a happy teacher, and a happy teacher makes for a fun and engaging lesson.

Josh is passionate about providing his students with quality lessons and extends that philosophy onto his teachers. Each teacher must go through a rigorous selection process to ensure they are the right fit for the Cook Music School team.

Our Goals

At Cook Music School we aim to provide high-quality music lessons to help ensure the development of musicianship amongst music students both virtually and within the Toronto area.


Cook Music School is always looking for ways to improve our resources for students, so if you’d like to see any sections added to this blog, please feel free to contact us here.